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Dice Jewelry

Ever wished you could wear your most beautiful dice as jewelry? Now you can!

If you like dice, you probably have a few in your collection that you wouldn’t mind showing off more. These pendants make it possible to wear your favorite dice as jewelry instead of just keeping them in your dice bag.

These pendants are sized to fit the standard dice as found in most dice sets. (All measurements are taken as the distance between two opposing die faces.) Please check the list below to see which version you will need. If you have a die in a size that is not listed, please contact me, and I will see if I can make a version in the exact size of your dice. At this moment I have pendants for d20 and d6 dice, but I will be adding more dice shapes and different designs in the near future.

Each pendant comes in two pieces that must be hooked together at the bottom. Once you insert your die and close the pendant the die should fit snugly and can’t fall out. You lock the pendant by fitting a chain or cord through the hoops at the top, connecting the two halves. To ensure a good fit, I have made several versions of each pendant, each with a different size of hoop. The available hoop sizes are L: ⌀4.5 mm, M: ⌀3.5 mm, S: ⌀2.5 mm. You can choose your chain diameter on the product detail page.

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