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Acrylic D6 MTG Ability Counter v1

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These 16 mm acrylic dice are engraved with icons for 6 of the 12 most common abilities that your creatures in Magic: the Gathering can have. You can use them as an easy and clear way to show what ability your creatures currently have or what ability counters your mutated creatures have collected.

The total number of 12 abilities are divided between two versions of this MTG Ability Counter D6 which are both available as separate items in my shop. This is version 1 which has the following abilities on it:
Flying, Vigilance, Hexproof, Lifelink, Indestructible, Deathtouch
(These abilities are most commonly found on white, blue or black creatures.)

If you choose the option to get your d6 unpainted, you will receive the d6 with the symbols engraved but not painted white. Choose this option if you prefer to paint the symbols yourself with a different color.

Please note: this item is sold as a single six-sided die in the color and with the symbols of your choice. If you want more than one, please adjust the quantity to the desired number.

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